photo de Intuitive Luna

Intuitive Luna (Love And Psychic Readings) 94.1% Rating (22 Recent Reviews)


You have pleased me yet again have sent you a message for clarity and thank you very much am happy that I chose you :)

mumbun32 19

photo de Sonia

Sonia (Psychic,Tarot Reader,Relati...) 98.5% Rating (69 Recent Reviews)

Thank you Friend

Sonia is a truly wonderful reader. She doesn't give you basic information, she really digs deeply into your situation and tells you the truth. She doesn't say things in a harsh manner, she is kind yet still tells the truth. With a name and dob she can tell you EVERYTHING you need to hear and know.

brina1 1

photo de Milana Levoe

Milana Levoe (Medium Empath and Astrologer) 100% Rating (2 Recent Reviews)

Love questio

The reading was good.............................................. .

rp1981 1

photo de Eyes of Laura

Eyes of Laura (Loving Relationship) 100% Rating (13 Recent Reviews)

Well worth my time and money

My fingers are tightly crossed with hope her predictions will come to pass. She asked me to write down what she said. I like that she sounded very sure and confident about what she said. I told her I would give her my update.

tanner331 5

photo de Prophetic Lex

Prophetic Lex (Spiritual Advisor) 100% Rating (6 Recent Reviews)


Lex has always been honest with her readings and she connects well with the situation. She doesn’t sugarcoat things and provides detailed insights. Thanks a million dear :)

anusha22 6

photo de Mystic Rachel

Mystic Rachel (Psychic Reader) 100% Rating (17 Recent Reviews)

Time will tell !!!

Speaking to Mystic Rachel brought me some answers to confusing questions...... but only time will tell me how precise she is. I did not really care for chat aspect of it. I would call if I do it again.

jwarnerprice 1

photo de Meadow

Meadow (Tarot and Empath ) 100% Rating (1 Recent Reviews)

Person of Interest

She was right on about the person I was concerned about and ate situation. Praying her predictions are true. Thanks

pbarnes6095 1


LOVE ADVISOR KITT (Love&Career Accurate Honest...) 100% Rating (32 Recent Reviews)


I love chatting with Kitt, i will be in touch with her again. She was very quick, and confirmed what i was feeling all along with my situation. She was very spot on and correct. Thank you so much for your time. Be in touch again

angiedbc23 1

photo de Angelline Clairsentient

Angelline Clairsentient (Psychic Spy) 100% Rating (9 Recent Reviews)

Very direct and to the point reading.

I loved how direct and honest she was with me. She even gave me details about myself that I didn't tell her. I really appreciate the advice she gave me as well. Very skilled reader! 👍🏿

annie_maverick 1

photo de Psychic Ashi

Psychic Ashi (Psychic Reader) 98.7% Rating (79 Recent Reviews)

Good Explanations

She knows my partner too well... i worry about that because the bad things she says will come true. But she does give me hope.

suebee 1

photo de Psychic Tahir

Psychic Tahir (Psychic Clairvoyant Medium) 98.4% Rating (67 Recent Reviews)


he was very good reader. he picked up on my situation quickly and told me the truth. he confirmed what i was feeling and also gave me deep insight about whats happening. i will be back to talk with him as he picked up very well. thank you

shaii1 1

photo de Jean Pierre

Jean Pierre (Numerology, Astrology, Tarots) 66.7% Rating (7 Recent Reviews)

Takes too long

He takes too long and I felt worse after talking to him. Save your money he is too expensive.

greenflower6 1

photo de Asma Love

Asma Love (Psychic Advice) 96.3% Rating (58 Recent Reviews)

New job

This reading was an A+. So far everything is falling into place as Asma Love has predicted. I will definitely reach out to her again!!

guerarda 1

photo de Mystie Mel

Mystie Mel ( Psychic Reader) 100% Rating (12 Recent Reviews)


Mel is amazing she was definitely able to pick up on my POi and his personality. I am amazed at what she could pick up!! She is very thoughtful and caring . Keeping my fingers crossed I will be back ❤️

deb888 2

photo de Destiny

Destiny (Psychic And Tarot Reader) 100% Rating (1 Recent Reviews)


Destiny is absolutely amazing! She picked up on everything very quickly and answered all of my questions. Destiny was so accurate and gave the best advice. You will not be disappointed with her.

dharris 2

photo de Claudia

Claudia (Master Psychic and Intimacy...) 100% Rating (1 Recent Reviews)

Appreciate her insight!

lue235 2

photo de LoveEnergy Natalie

LoveEnergy Natalie (Love & Relatioship, Tarot, ...) 100% Rating (4 Recent Reviews)

Good reading

I am hoping what she told me comes to pass but it took a long time for her response. Though it took more time than I had funds for, what she said was positive.

vab70mteemo 2

photo de Psychic Nina

Psychic Nina (Relationship Reader) 100% Rating (47 Recent Reviews)

U r always the best

Psychic Nina is always the best. I read with her for almost 2 years. And whatever she says it happened. Thank u nina mam for being so accurate and spot on

ajitha27 3

photo de Leila*

Leila* (Empath Honest Psychic Tarot...) 94.6% Rating (22 Recent Reviews)

Best reading by far

I’ll never talk to anyone else, besides her. I gave her little details and she was able to point out the rest without me telling her anything. I am blown away. She’s the truth. I talked to her longer than I intended to because she gave me new details and details I already knew in the past! Wow! I will call with an update soon as possible. Thank you so much!

aallen223 3

photo de Ms. Belinda

Ms. Belinda (Spiritual Advisor) 100% Rating (1 Recent Reviews)

Amazing Miss Belinda

Belinda is amazing! On point- giving accurate answers very fast I would highly recommend This nice lady

lduvnjak 4

photo de Natural Born Psychic

Natural Born Psychic (Psychic Reader) 100% Rating (16 Recent Reviews)


Give her a call. She picked up on everything I wondered about, and even clarified what I heard before from another. So amazing and kind<3 Thank you so much.

socrates_11 1

photo de Sarika

Sarika (Psychic Love Expert) 98.5% Rating (144 Recent Reviews)

My husband litterally filed for divorce 30 mins later

I ralked to her then called him to see where he was and he said downtown. I said for what he said divorce papers....

msemaja 1