photo de Sonia

Sonia (Psychic,Tarot Reader,Relati...) 97.9% Rating (53 Recent Reviews)


Love her readings she’s to the point even though you’re stressed she helps guide you through

suebee 8

photo de  Love Advisor Nadi

Love Advisor Nadi (Psychic Medium) 95.4% Rating (45 Recent Reviews)

I wish this had five stars

She was great with the reading will definitely contact her again soon she will not wast your time !

beautiful.sami 12

photo de Jenna

Jenna (Love Life Intuitive Therapist) 96.4% Rating (30 Recent Reviews)

Email reading

I never had a reading with Jenna before but I was impressed with her thoughtfulness and sensitivity in my feelings. I rate her highly and will definitely contact her in the future

vab70mteemo 17

photo de Teresa

Teresa ( Psychic healer and advisor ) 94.9% Rating (21 Recent Reviews)

Great reading but....

The reading was great but it left me with more questions than answers... I wish It could have been more in depth

danile 1


LOVE ADVISOR KITT (Love&Career Accurate Honest...) 100% Rating (9 Recent Reviews)

Very in-tune

Kitt was very quick to respond. She easily picked up on my situation and issues. I would definitely go back to her for insight.

charmed33 1

photo de Psychic Bright

Psychic Bright (Love & Relationship Advice) 96.7% Rating (35 Recent Reviews)

Ex breakup

Didn’t care for the overall reading. Too slow to respond. Very general and took a long time to get specific and didn’t get far before it was a waste of my time.

mandajeanie22 1

photo de Natural Born Psychic

Natural Born Psychic (Psychic Reader) 100% Rating (11 Recent Reviews)

Told me what i needed to hear...

...not what i wanted to hear. But she was extremely helpful and compassionate. I look forward to a follow up reading!

tanous74 1

photo de Angelline Clairsentient

Angelline Clairsentient (Psychic Spy) 100% Rating (8 Recent Reviews)

A very insightful reading!

I really enjoyed the detailed reading I received, and how the reader was straight forward with her answers.

annie_maverick 2

photo de Sarika

Sarika (Psychic Love Expert) 99.2% Rating (140 Recent Reviews)

Love her

My favorite person on this site, she always gives me the best advice and guidance! Will always return to speak to her

gocorwin 4

photo de Psychic Tahir

Psychic Tahir (Psychic Clairvoyant Medium) 98.3% Rating (62 Recent Reviews)


He was very welcoming and honest with me. He did tell me things I was thinking of and had a feeling about with my current love. He was very on point. Thank you so much!

texas_sg 4

photo de Asma Love

Asma Love (Psychic Advice) 96.2% Rating (56 Recent Reviews)

Very Happy

I'm satisfied what Asma has told me answered all my questions in detail she is dead on with her readings one of the best I have known

hotrod 4

photo de Leila*

Leila* (Empath Honest Psychic Tarot...) 93.2% Rating (17 Recent Reviews)


I absolutely love her, just awesome she's really a sweet and caring person and knows her stuff.

stacshonuf 5

photo de Crystal Advisor

Crystal Advisor (Intuitive Psychic & Spiritu...) 100% Rating (19 Recent Reviews)

sincere !

very gentle, easy to talk to. Picked up on things pretty fast & gave great insight. Ive talked to a few asvisors about this situation & she gave the clearest view on the situation. Thanks will def use her again.

williesha 1

photo de BriLotus

BriLotus (Psychic Reader,Love Healer) 100% Rating (14 Recent Reviews)

Quick & Helpful

She is quick to understand and help out immediately with your troubles. She read our energies and found the root cause quickly.

teddyk 1

photo de Camilla

Camilla (Certified Intuitive Life Co...) 100% Rating (1 Recent Reviews)


I really enjoyed talking with Camilla. Very insightful. Very friendly. A very good listener. Gave me alot of advice on my situation. Would definitely contact again. Thank you

denise9082 1

photo de Brooklyn

Brooklyn (Psychic Reader & Crystall B...) 100% Rating (13 Recent Reviews)

She's honest and right to the point. No wasting of time. Hey readings are on point! Predictions have come through.

rainbow32 1

photo de Mystie Mel

Mystie Mel ( Psychic Reader) 91.7% Rating (13 Recent Reviews)


She perfect very patient and understanding she have a very good way of talking to you and listening

prettylove22 1

photo de Miss Sherry

Miss Sherry (Spiritual Psychic Adviser) 100% Rating (17 Recent Reviews)


She was so honest and very nice.. and gave me good advice thank you so much . Will be back !!

beautifulqueen77 1

photo de Miss J

Miss J ( Natural-Born Gifted Psychi...) 100% Rating (32 Recent Reviews)


I think Miss J is just great! She connects very quickly and gives a lot of information in a very short period of time. She tunes right into my energy and that of my POI. She is helping me to better understand him and how to navigate through these initial days of our relationship. She gives me "tools" on how to handle the situation. I have spoken to many readers, but Miss Jay is quite unique to me, in a very good way!

saveadog8 2

photo de Psychic Yoselem

Psychic Yoselem (Psychic Reader) 100% Rating (58 Recent Reviews)

A very informative reading!

I really appreciate the quick response and information provided so that I can keep a positive mindset.

sally_mustang 2

photo de Ati

Ati (Medium Psychic) 100% Rating (13 Recent Reviews)

Beautiful soul

Great connection to my situation. Fast typist. I would definitely return. Thank you so much. Love and light xx

nataliab 2

photo de Psychic Alexis

Psychic Alexis (Psychic Reader and Spiritua...) 100% Rating (27 Recent Reviews)

Alexis had a deep connection with me from our very first reading.

brina1 2

photo de Jessica

Jessica (Psychic Reader) 100% Rating (18 Recent Reviews)

She is personable and sincere. Her guidance and advice are very much appreciated. She really tunes into people’s feelings and knows what they are feeling that exact moment. Thank you Jessica for helping me through my journey!

kkaamm 2

photo de Life Solution

Life Solution (PSYCHIC ADVISER) 90.6% Rating (25 Recent Reviews)

Great predictions

The advisor Life Solution even predicted the name of the company among 5 listed where my husband was attempt to apply for the job. But, after one answers she gets right away offline even though I have money on the account.

lilicalazarini 2

photo de Psychic Dorothy

Psychic Dorothy (Psychic & Love Reader) 100% Rating (1 Recent Reviews)

Very insightful reading

I really appreciate your amazing insight to my relationship; you pick up a lot of details! have a wonderful day

anniey153 3