photo de Psychic Yoselem

Psychic Yoselem (Psychic Reader) 98.6% Rating (79 Recent Reviews)


Everything is always spot on! A wonderful reader that is insightful, kind, and honest. I enjoy speaking to her.

beachgirl252 13

photo de Miss J

Miss J ( Natural-Born Gifted Psychi...) 100% Rating (39 Recent Reviews)

Relationship potential

I have had email readings with Miss J and she has been very positive each time. She answered my questions and added more to it. I will get future readings from her and I recommend her to anyone.

vab70mteemo 17


LOVE ADVISOR KITT (Love&Career Accurate Honest...) 99% Rating (98 Recent Reviews)


Kitt is phenomenal! She’s extremely sweet and down to earth. She answers all of my questions with clarity and insight.

jesssoo 18

photo de Inner Voice by Mystic Sage

Inner Voice by Mystic Sage (Psychic Expert Love Matters) 100% Rating (50 Recent Reviews)

Good for the most part

So the reading was good for the most part. There were a few things that I wanted her to tell me in full depth that she didn’t quite touch. Her responses took up about 8 mins of the time altogether. She did give good responses back and they somewhat aligned with what 4 other psychics have told me. So that’s a good thing. But she does truly have a gift and she is a very sweet person.

tfongchoy 1

photo de Mystie Mel

Mystie Mel ( Psychic Reader) 93.6% Rating (15 Recent Reviews)

She is a wonderful reader and understood my worries and concerns and helped me see how to work through them.

jerrybear1973 2

photo de Sonia

Sonia (Psychic,Tarot Reader,Relati...) 97.8% Rating (93 Recent Reviews)

Only Reader I will Trust

Do not make the mistake of going to another reader if Sonia is not available at the moment. She is amazing at her skill and knows what she is doing. Wait for Sonia to come online, Sonia is worth waiting for.

brina1 2

photo de Psychic Ashi

Psychic Ashi (Psychic Reader) 98.3% Rating (117 Recent Reviews)

Great reading

Accurate I hope. Have me hope for my future. Though I only asked about finances she saw that my love life was going to improve.

aliciac88 3

photo de Miss Sherry

Miss Sherry (Spiritual Psychic Adviser) 100% Rating (24 Recent Reviews)


I enjoyed speaking with Miss Sherry very much. She was quick to connect and accurate. Gifted reader!

saveadog8 1

photo de Intuitive Luna

Intuitive Luna (Love And Psychic Readings) 94% Rating (61 Recent Reviews)

Healing Reading

I really liked my reading. Luna Psychic is a wonderful reader. I appreciate the reading and her insights.

artmoon 1

photo de Leila*

Leila* (Empath Honest Psychic Tarot...) 84% Rating (30 Recent Reviews)


She was too blunt and very opinionated. I only asked a question about my boyfriend not a whole insight on the whole relationship. Not to mention I spent over $44.00. This website does not have a time limit. It just goes over and overcharge.

tiabritt1 1

photo de  Love Advisor Nadi

Love Advisor Nadi (Psychic Medium) 97.1% Rating (71 Recent Reviews)

Predictions happened

Thank you so much Nadi! Your prediction of us getting back together happened! Your right he was waiting for me to reach out to him and even though I didn’t want to I did and it went well. I know you said he would have reached out to me if I was patient but why wait. Can’t wait to chat again.

thetruepath4 1

photo de Love Expert Niana

Love Expert Niana (Psychic Advice) 96.8% Rating (64 Recent Reviews)

Accurate readings one of the best for guidance

hotrod 2

photo de Eyes of Laura

Eyes of Laura (Loving Relationship) 100% Rating (24 Recent Reviews)


asdfg12347 2

photo de Milana Levoe

Milana Levoe (Intuitive Advisor) 62.5% Rating (7 Recent Reviews)

very nice

Overall seems to be very nice and attentive. too soon to tell accuracy. Uses Tarot and explains what each card means. Also voluntarily checks in with updates which is unexpected but appreciated

karenyo 2

photo de Angel

Angel (Clairvoyant & Clairsentient) 98.7% Rating (86 Recent Reviews)

getting answers

Got some good guidance. it was clear and caring and understanding. Helped me to research and ask myself many questions.

jansteele 2

photo de Psychic Tahir

Psychic Tahir (Psychic Clairvoyant Medium) 98.7% Rating (80 Recent Reviews)

maybe next time

the reading was ok.he was clear and gave very fast response. sadly his predictions did not come true for me. hopefully you guys have better luck

laureld 3

photo de Psychic Nina

Psychic Nina (Relationship Reader) 100% Rating (52 Recent Reviews)

Amazing accurate reading

Psychic Nina reads so accurate and very fast in her reading. I always trust her and even if i miss to ask she will be able to tell me. Very nice person and so polite

ajitha27 1